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Think Your Computer Network / Server Backup is Keeping Your Company’s Data Safe from Loss or Corruption?

You Won’t After Reading This…

If you can’t afford to go without your company data for hours – possibly even days or weeks – and if you are using a local or USB Drive type backup system, then I urge you to read on.

The Average Failure Rate of Disk and USB Drives is 100%!

Incredible, isn’t it? Most people don’t realize that ALL local backup drives fail at some point. But what’s really dangerous is that most companies don’t realize it happened until it’s too late.

That’s why thousands of businesses lose millions of dollars worth of data to disasters like malware, ransomware, fires, power outages, theft, equipment failure, and even simple human mistake. In almost every case, these businesses had some type of backup system in place, but were horrified to find out it wasn’t working when they needed it most.

As a Matter of Fact, You’ve Probably Experienced These Problems
With Your Local Backup Already…

Note: If you are still using outdated Tape DATA Drives as your backup for your company, PLEASE CALL ME TODAY!

Plus, the local backup needs to be constantly monitored to make sure they are working. Then, if you’ve ever tried to recover data from your local backup, you may have discovered how difficult it was, or that the data you thought was being backed up, in fact – wasn’t.

Finally, if your office gets flooded because of a storm, incurs water damage from a sprinkler system or faulty pipe, hit by a tornado, burned to the ground by a fire, or burglarized, your local backup will be damaged along with everything else and will be completely worthless!

Fortunately there is a way to eliminate the risk and hassle of local drive backups, which brings me to this point…

Our Proven “Off-Site Cloud Backup Solution” Eliminates the Risk and Hassles of Local Backups Finally and Forever!

Thanks to our Cloud Based “Storage Manage” Backup Solution, you can safely upload your financial records, client data, and files right over the Internet every night to a secure, offsite data center.

This means:

  • Your files are automatically backed up every night right over the Internet. No more rotating and storing tapes – one more important item off your to-do list!
  • Your data is safe from fire, floods, storms, viruses, hackers, hardware malfunctions, and human error!
  • Your data is safe from fire, floods, storms, viruses, hackers, hardware malfunctions, and human error!
  • All Data is 256bit Encrypted and HIPAA compliant…

Still Think Your Data is Safe?

Our Free Data Security Analysis Will Reveal the Truth…

As a prospective new client, I’d like to extend a “get to know us” offer of a Free Computer Data Backup Audit. I don’t normally give away free services at KC Micro Specialists because if I did, I’d go out of business. But if your company needs the protection, we can offer then contact us ASAP and let’s talk.

At no charge, will come on site and…

  • Audit your current data protection including backup and restore procedures, and maintenance schedule to see if there is anything jeopardizing your data’s security.
  • Review procedures for storage and systems data. Many people don’t realize they damage their disks (and thereby corrupt their data) by improperly caring for their storage devices.
  • Check your network backups to make sure they are accurately backing up all of the critical files and information you would NEVER want to lose.
  • Present a simple and easy to understand report that will detail the makeup of your data, including the age and type of files you are backing up. Why should you care? Because many companies inadvertently use valuable computer storage to back up their employees’ personal MP3 files and movies.
  • Discuss current data protection needs and explain in plain English where your risks are. We know everyone has a different level of risk tolerance, and we want to make sure all the risks you’re taking with your data are by choice not because of miscommunication or accident.

Depending on what we discover, we’ll either give you a clean bill of health or reveal gaps in your data backup that could prove disastrous. If it’s appropriate, we’ll provide you with an action plan for further securing your data with our “Storage Manager Solution”. Naturally, I don’t expect everyone to become a client, but I do expect a small percentage to hire us to protect their most valuable asset, corporate data, and possibly even become loyal clients like McCausland, Barrett & Bartalos P.C. or Schefers Roofing Company.

But I Don’t Need a Free Data Backup Analysis
Because My IT Guy Has it Covered…

Maybe you don’t feel as though you have an urgent problem that needs to be fixed immediately. Maybe you think your data is perfectly safe. Many of our current clients felt their data was safe until it became necessary for them to RESTORE THEIR DATA.

Unfortunately, that is when most companies “test” their data backup and restore solution. We are helping companies like yours AVOID embarrassing and extremely costly data catastrophes like these:

Why Trust Us?

There are a lot of companies offering offsite backup services, so what makes us so special? Why choose us over the dozens of other companies offering what appear to be the same services? I’m glad you asked because there are 8 BIG reasons to trust us with your data security:

  1. Storage Manager Backup for Windows is a Windows Desktop and Server Backup Solution for YOUR small business
  2. Protect your important files or entire disk volumes
  3. Full, incremental, block-level backups
  4. VSS-based backups of Microsoft Exchange
  5. Mailbox-level restore for Microsoft Exchange
  6. Full, differential, and transaction log backups for MS SQL Server
  7. Plus, many other features your company will want and need!
  8. We are a local Kansas City based company with real, live employees.

Wouldn’t you rather deal with a local company that can meet with you face to face rather than an unknown entity in a different state – or different country?

You are Under No Obligation to Do or Buy Anything
When You Say “Yes” to a Free Data Security Analysis

We also want to be very clear that there are no expectations on our part for you to do or buy anything when you contact us. Call me immediately at (816) 228-4300 to schedule your free service.

True, Hard Facts About Data Loss

  • Only 34% of companies test their tape backups, and of those who do, 77% have found failures.
  • The average failure rate of disk or Local Backups is 100% – ALL DRIVES WILL EVENTUALLY FAIL.
  • 60% of companies that lose their data will go out of business within 6 months of the disaster.
  • Over ½ of critical corporate data resides on unprotected PC desktops and laptops.
  • Key causes for data loss are:
    • 78% Hardware or system malfunction
    • 11% Human error
    • 7% Software corruption or program malfunction
    • 2% Computer viruses
    • 1% Natural disasters
    • 1% Other
  • Only 25% of users frequently back up their files, yet 85% of those same users say they are very concerned about losing important digital data.
  • More than 22% said backing up their PCs or Network Systems was on their to-do list, but they seldom do it.
  • 30% of companies report that they still do not have a disaster recovery program in place, and 2 out of 3 feel their data backup and disaster recovery plans have significant vulnerabilities.
  • 1 in 25 notebooks are stolen, broken or destroyed each year.
  • Today’s hard drives store 500 times the data stored on the drives of a decade ago. This increased capacity amplifies the impact of data loss, making mechanical precision more critical.
  • You have a 30% chance of having a corrupted file within a one-year time frame.

*Source: VaultLogix

Final Thought:

Hardware Malfunctions, Human Errors, Software Corruption,
Viruses, Hackers, Fire, Flood, and Mother Nature…

Your Company Data Needs KC Micro Specialists Cloud Off-Site Backup Solution!

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