Roblox reveals data breach that may have affected some of its biggest fans

People who visited Roblox developer conferences in the last three years have just had their sensitive data leak on the d...
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Microsoft tells staff in China they can’t use Android phones anymore, must switch to iPhone

To log into company systems, Microsoft employees in China will now have to use authentication apps installed exclusively...
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How are retailers and consumers experiencing AI?

Before the recent explosion of generative AI into the mainstream, tech savvy retailers had been using transformative tec...
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How CISOs can apply threat modelling to AI products in four steps

AI is fast becoming a cornerstone of how smart businesses operate. According to recent research by IBM, more than one in...
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Shopify points to third-party app for data breach

A hacker recently advertised selling a database allegedly stolen from the e-commerce giant Shopify. However, the company...
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Selfie-authentication for large transactions puts users at risk of fraud, experts say

The trend of selfie verification, which has been steadily growing since the pandemic, has now gained serious traction. H...
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AI-Powered Super Soldiers Are More Than Just a Pipe Dream

The US military has abandoned its half-century dream of a suit of powered armor in favor of a “hyper enabled operator,” ...
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This new ransomware scam will hassle you with phone calls until you pay up

A new ransomware group has been discovered harassing its victims on the phone until they pay up. A report from anti-rans...
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Samsung’s SSD rival has just released one of the world’s fastest PCIe 5.0 SSDs — no, it won’t beat Crucial’s superfast T705 but its no-frills approach means it’s likely to be much cheaper

Samsung’s big South Korean rival SK Hynix has launched its high-end PCB01 SSD, designed specifically for on-device AI PC...
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Chinese MIPS rival to Intel and AMD set to launch a 128-core server CPU to compete in the busy market — EPYC and Xeon fans need not worry for now but do keep an eye on the NVLink-like tech

Despite US trade restrictions aimed at keeping advanced chips and chip-making equipment out of China, domestic semicondu...
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