AI-Controlled Fighter Jets Are Dogfighting With Human Pilots Now

Plus: New York’s legislature suffers a cyberattack, police disrupt a global phishing operation, and Apple removes encryp...
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The Biggest Deepfake Porn Website Is Now Blocked in the UK

The world's most-visited deepfake website and another large competing site are stopping people in the UK from accessing ...
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LastPass users tricked by hackers posing as staff to steal passwords

LastPass users are being targeted with a sophisticated phishing campaign that sees hackers looking to steal master passw...
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Criminals hack OpenMetadata flaw to mine crypto on Kubernetes

Hackers have been observed abusing flaws in OpenMetadata workloads to install cryptocurrency miners on Kubernetes.Cybers...
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DJI drones just got a new rival in the US that licenses… DJI technology

There's no doubt about it – DJI is the industry-leading maker of the best drones. However, if you're in the US that's a ...
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Roku enforces 2FA following major security incidents

Roku is now making its users enable two-factor authentication (2FA), after it suffered two sizeable security breaches re...
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Europol teams up with state police to disrupt major phishing network

A major phishing-as-a-service service has been disrupted, its infrastructure dismantled, and its operators arrested in a...
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Google Chat will now play nice with all your other work messaging platforms

Google has launched general availability of improved interoperability between its Google Chat platform  and rival messag...
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FBI claims China could be set to launch attacks on US infrastructure any day

Chinese hacking group Volt Typhoon has infested systems used to manage US infrastructure and is now waiting for the oppo...
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Copilot is everywhere in Windows 11 and it’s about to get harder to ignore – but is Microsoft in danger of wearing out the AI assistant’s welcome?

Windows 11 is going to see a lot more of Copilot in the future – that’s pretty obviously the line Microsoft is taking wi...
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